The Blendz Experience

What exactly is the Blendz Experience?  Every time you set foot into one of our locations, it is there.  Every time you talk to one of our crew members, it is there.  Every time you enjoy one of our delicious menu items, it is there.  The Blendz experience goes far above and beyond the regular “great customer service” that has come to be expected in today’s busy lifestyle. 

The Blendz experience means that each and every person that we do business with is not just a customer whom we exchange a transaction with, but a guest whom we build a relationship with.  We like to think that each Blendz location, from our restaurants to our corporate support offices are an extension of our customer’s home. Our guests can come here to take a break out of their busy schedules and get an energetic lift in their day with nutritious, delicious food and drink amongst friendly, energetic and upbeat crew members.

The Blendz Experience means that each and every crew member will do everything they can possibly do, to ensure that you, the guest, leave our locations having an even better day than when you came in.

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