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Quickies & Snacks Featured

Fresh Grilled Panini Sandwich Fresh Grilled Panini Sandwich
We offer ‘grab & go’ snacks to complement any of our delicious menu items or simply as that filler for the middle of the day. Choose from an assortment of quick energy food and drinks including:

*all items vary by location


01Gourmet Pastries

02Energy/Sport Bars

03Bottled Waters – sparkling, mineral & flavored

04Red Bull ™ & Energy Drinks

05Chips & Snack Bags

06(Seasonal) Fresh Cut Fruit Cups

We live in a fast-paced world where eating healthier ends up being a lower priority for many people. Good nutrition is often sacrificed at the expense of speed and convenience. At Blendz we offer a complete line of healthier menu items that can be mixed and matched to fit your taste and desires; all at the speed and convenience of traditional fast food.
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