Juice Blendz $4.00 to $5.00

What makes our Juices different? More choices equals more fun! Not only do we have a wide variety of popular Juices, but only at Blendz can you release the “Daredevil” in you and create a juices with the fruits, juices, bases and essentialz that you love! No need to compromise, tell us what you want and you’ve got it! Come on… we DARE you!

CITRUS Juice Blendz

Orange-U-Special – Bananas, strawberries, orange juice, orange and pineapple sherbet

LocaMoca – Mangos, peaches, passion and orange juice, orange sherbet

C-Quencher – Blueberries, strawberries, orange juice, pineapple sherbet

Strawberry Surge – Strawberries, raspberries, orange juice

TROPICAL Juice Blendz

Mango Monsoon – Mangos, strawberries, passion juice, pineapple sherbet

Passion Kiss – Strawberries, peaches, banana, passion juice, raspberry sherbet

Peachy Keen – Peaches, bananas, passion juice

Banana Rama Ding-Dong – Bananas, mangos, pineapple juice, pineapple sherbet

BERRY Juice Blendz

Lime So Excited – Raspberries, strawberries, raspberry juice, lime sherbet

Most Wanted – Strawberries, bananas, apple juice

The Blendzation – Bananas, strawberries, cranberry and raspberry juice, raspberry sherbet

Berry Jam-Packed – Blueberries, strawberries, raspberry juice, raspberry sherbet

That's Crantastic – Strawberries, raspberries, cranberry juice, pineapple sherbet


Breakfast Blendz – Soy milk, granola, bananas, strawberries, energy and protein essentialz

Red Bull® Blendz – Red Bull, strawberries, apple juice, raspberry sherbet

Dreamy Creamy Caramel – Creamy caramel, bananas, non-fat milk

Going Nutz – Peanut butter, banana, non-fat milk

Natural Buzz – Honey, strawberries, banana, soy milk

Daredevil – Make your own smoothie (2 fruits, juice and a base)

Our Essentialz are powdered, tasteless supplements that can be added to your smoothie.  Enhance any of our delicious fruit/veggie juice with one of these free Essentialz shots:


Vitamin A – Vitamin C – Vitamin E – Green Tea Powder – Milk Thistle – Tomato Powder - Spinach Powder – Celery Powder – Carrot Powder


Siberian Ginseng – Bee Pollen – Ginkgo Biloba – Gotu Kola – Kola Nut – White Willow Bark

Fat Burner

L-Carnetine – Chromium Picolinate – Garcinia Cambogia – Inulin


Choline – Valerian – Insoitol – L-Glutamine – Lecithin – Bilberry Leaf


Wheat Bran –Oat Bran – Rice Bran

Flu Fighter

Vitamin C – Echinacea Angustifolla – Goldenseal Herb – Beta Glucan


Ginger Root – Ginkgo Biloba Leaf – Chamomile – Peppermint Leaf – White Willow Bark

Multi Vitamin

Vitamin A – Thiamin B1 – Riboflavin B2 – Niacin B3 – Vitamin B6 – Vitamin B12 – Biotin - Vitamin C – Vitamin D – Vitamin E – Vitamin K - Panthothenic Acid – Calcium – Iodine - Iron – Magnesium – Phosphorus – Potassium – Sodium – Copper – Zinc


Soy Protein Isolate – Whey Protein Concentrate – Inulin

Libido Lifter

Yohimbe Bark – Siberian Ginseng – Saw Palmetto


Ginkgo Biloba – Choline Citrate – Inositol – Glutamine – Lecithin – Bilberry Leaf

We live in a fast-paced world where eating healthier ends up being a lower priority for many people. Good nutrition is often sacrificed at the expense of speed and convenience. At Blendz we offer a complete line of healthier menu items that can be mixed and matched to fit your taste and desires; all at the speed and convenience of traditional fast food.
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Experience Fun-Fresh-Food at blendz! Enjoy crisp, tossed-to-order salads, a variety of delicious grilled panini sandwiches, blended fruit-packed smoothies, gourmet soups and even espresso and coffee drinks - all with the speed and convenience of traditional fast food.

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