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The Perfect Blendz

What's better than opening an exciting new Blendz in a dynamite location with the best partnership team ever?

Nothing! That's exactly what just happened.

We are pleased to announce the Grand Opening of our first licensed Blendz in Los Gatos, California, and our fourth South Bay site. Licensee owners Shannon McDonough and Gary Watkins bring their bountiful energy and commitment to the core values of Blendz. Officially opening on March 17, the Los Gatos community is flocking to Blendz where they're selecting from a wide-range of tasty, nutritious great food, all delivered fast. The paint is barely dry and Shannon and Gary are already participating in their first community event, serving smoothies to the runners at The Great Race.

For Blendz founders Matt and Denise Phipps, the excitement is twofold: "We are thrilled to be serving a healthier Blendz menu to the health-minded community of Los Gatos, and delighted by launching our newest spot. It's a perfect Blend(z)."

Please join us in Los Gatos for the Blendz Fun.Fast.Food experience. Open daily from 9am to 6pm, the restaurant is located at 81 W. Main Street (dead centered at University & Main). Look for our green & black facade; nestled between Nimbus & the Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Co. Feel free to contact the store directly at 408.399.1570.



Being a part of Club Blendz has its rewards. It’s FREE and it keeps you in-the-know of the latest and greatest in the world of Fun. Fast. Food.™

Benefits of being a Club Blendz Member:

  • Earning points for purchases
  • Monthly bMail updates on Promotions and Events

Once you’ve become a member of ClubBlendz we reward you for your loyalty, as you begin earning points for menu item purchases every time you use your Blendz Card. Where else can you be rewarded for eating the food that you already love? The more you use it, the more you’re rewarded! Reaching a total of 50 points earns you a $5.00 credit on your Blendz CashCard for you to use when you want to. And… there’s no expiration to use your credit, in addition to how much credit you can earn. Use it, when you want; it’s not going anywhere!

Point System for Blendz Menu Items:

  • Combo Meal = 8 points
  • Panino = 5 points
  • ½ Panino = 3 points
  • Salad = 5 points
  • ½ Salad = 3 points
  • 24 oz Smoothie = 4 points
  • 12 oz Smoothie = 3 points
  • 12 oz Soup = 3 points
  • 8 oz Soup = 2 points
  • Fresh Squeezed Juice = 2 points
  • Espressos = 2 points

**Currently, Blendz points will not be rewarded for catering purchases**


Our Affiliates

We take pride in serving only the best quality product to you our customer. We also believe that we are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with. We are proud to promote our relationships with our affiliates and encourage your support and patronage to their businesses or organizations.

Sport & Fitness

Wellness & Health

Community & Business


Blendz Management

Capt. Augustine Joseph, CPL, CHPL,  MBA

CEO, Blendz Franchise Crop


Peter V

VP Operations


Paul Rodrigues

VP Real estate & Training


Maria Hall

Finance & Accounting


Nancy Jose, MBA

Tom Evans - Franchising Mr. Evans owned and grew the Blendz ® Carlsbad location as well as running all of the San Diego County Region as the Area Director. Prior to Mr. Evans joining the Blendz Team he worked for a Top fortune 500 Company. He worked in Sales and Marketing and various other rolls.



Blendz Diversity Commitment

We have a commitment...
To provide quality products and services to all sections of the community and that our workforce represents the people we serve. We aim to ensure consistency in all of our services in every community we are a part of and that everyone is treated equally, regardless of their race, national origin, gender, religious belief, heritage, family background, age, disability, veteran status or sexual orientation. We aim to ensure that our vendors, partners and others that we work with also share our vision, values and mission.

We recognize...
That we work in a richly diverse community and understand the strategic importance of achieving a diverse workforce, which reflects that community. We undertake to recruit, develop and retain the most talented people by valuing the varied skills and experiences they bring to our company; by investing in their training and development; by treating crew members fairly and equitably; by eliminating harassment and discrimination at work, and by encouraging an honest and open culture which values the differences between us.

We have a responsibility...
And understand the important leadership role we have in promoting and encouraging tolerance, fairness and equality in our industry. We will work closely with local people, businesses, voluntary and community groups and our other partners to build a more tolerant, compassionate and respectful place in which we can all live and work.


Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is the roots of what we were founded on, and our pledge to continue to be.  It is more than just a plaque on a wall to us; it is what we embrace as critical in our daily operations and how we value the people, investors and Franchise Partners who join our team.

Our mission is:

To provide a better fast food in a fun environment where our customers can get an energetic lift during their busy days.

To develop a profitable and growing company based on the energy, integrity and knowledge of our people, partners and investors.

To create a work environment that rewards and coaches our people so that we provide the absolute best in customer success and in giving back to our community.


Our Story

A desire is how it all started. A desire for a better, healthier place to eat that was also as quick and as convenient as traditional fast food. That was my desire, and what inspired us to create Blendz in early 2003.

Having run multiple businesses in the past, we pride ourselves on being able to look at and evaluate our business through the eyes of our customer. So that’s exactly how we created Blendz; imagined and designed by true consumers!

Having strong corporate and marketing agency backgrounds, we know how precious time is. We wanted to create a place where customers could get a great-tasting, healthier meal, have it prepared for them, and have the freedom to continue on with their active day.

We opened the first Blendz in Campbell, CA in early July 2003. The strong interest was immediate, so throughout the next two years, four more Blendz locations were opened in the Silicon Valley area of CA including the first of its kind restaurant inside a flagship BMW auto dealership.

Our company has now grown to multiple locations and has gained both in popularity and notoriety in many different industries due to our innovative partnerships and our creative concepts. Our story is constantly being re-written by each individual crew member everyday, while striving to be better each day! We invite you to become a part of our story; whether as a guest or as an employee or even as a Franchisee, let us share with you our delicious and healthier food, our passion for excellence, and our commitment to quality and customer success.

Blendz has been a passion for us, and more so because of the people we get to meet and serve every day. If you have a desire to be on the cutting edge of something great, Blendz should be on the top of your list. Desire is what made us do it!”


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Experience Fun-Fresh-Food at blendz! Enjoy crisp, tossed-to-order salads, a variety of delicious grilled panini sandwiches, blended fruit-packed smoothies, gourmet soups and even espresso and coffee drinks - all with the speed and convenience of traditional fast food.

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Our one of Italy's finest restaurants is located in Vicolo de' Cinque, 58 Roma.

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