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Our Story

A desire is how it all started. A desire for a better, healthier place to eat that was also as quick and as convenient as traditional fast food. That was my desire, and what inspired us to create Blendz in early 2003.

Having run multiple businesses in the past, we pride ourselves on being able to look at and evaluate our business through the eyes of our customer. So that’s exactly how we created Blendz; imagined and designed by true consumers!

Having strong corporate and marketing agency backgrounds, we know how precious time is. We wanted to create a place where customers could get a great-tasting, healthier meal, have it prepared for them, and have the freedom to continue on with their active day.

We opened the first Blendz in Campbell, CA in early July 2003. The strong interest was immediate, so throughout the next two years, four more Blendz locations were opened in the Silicon Valley area of CA including the first of its kind restaurant inside a flagship BMW auto dealership.

Our company has now grown to multiple locations and has gained both in popularity and notoriety in many different industries due to our innovative partnerships and our creative concepts. Our story is constantly being re-written by each individual crew member everyday, while striving to be better each day! We invite you to become a part of our story; whether as a guest or as an employee or even as a Franchisee, let us share with you our delicious and healthier food, our passion for excellence, and our commitment to quality and customer success.

Blendz has been a passion for us, and more so because of the people we get to meet and serve every day. If you have a desire to be on the cutting edge of something great, Blendz should be on the top of your list. Desire is what made us do it!”