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According to The Journal of Bone and Mineral Health beer is good for your bones. Beer contains high levels of bioavailable silicon, a nutrient that is a key player in bone formation and preventing bone loss. Cheers to that!

Wonderful news, but doesn't beer contains gluten? The majority of commercial beers do contain gluten however there are several brews available that are gluten-free. Here's what they offer in Gluten Free Beers and others to keep your bones healthy and strong:

Redbridge by Anheuser-Bush is a popular gluten-free beer made from sorghum and hops. It's refreshing and goes down easy--a nice beer to turn to after a long day of yard work.

Bard's Tale Beer Dragon's Gold was the tasters' favorite. With no additives, industrial enzymes, or syrups, this sorghum malt beer is true to the Bard's standards of purity. It's a smooth and creamy beer with soft hints of honey and butterscotch. It would pair well with food but is also perfect on its own.

Green's Discovery from Belgium is a natural brew made from millet, rice, buckwheat, and sorghum. It's complex and flavorful, and even a bit mysterious. If your looking for something clean, refreshing, and a little different the tasters recommend it. You could definitely enjoy this amber beer on the patio with some grilled meat.

J.K.'s Scrumpy Hard Cider is an organic and unfiltered hard cider made from apples grown at Koan Family Orchards in Michigan. Buying local never tatsted or felt so good. Hard cider won't give you the benefits of silicon but don't let that stop you from trying this artisanal brew. It tastes like a juicy organic apple, perfectly balanced, not too sweet, and lots of fun.

Popular Beers

  • Corona
  • Heineken
  • Sam Adams


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